Meet the Dogma Dogs!


Melanie the Italian Greyhound in her Classic Vans collarMelanie is an 8-year old Italian Greyhound. She loves her Classic Vans martingale collar, because for her, a checkered flag means a race won! Melanie loves to run and is able to top out at 25 miles per hour, leaving many dogs in the dust. She can also fetch a tennis ball, which is great because most Italian Greyhounds aren't good fetchers. Melanie and her parents support local rescue groups, like the Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue (TIGR). She also loves to go to local dog-friendly restaurants around town. She's a celebrity, especially in a fine collar! -Melanie's parents

 Melanie the Italian Greyhound in her Stars 'N Stripes collar   Melanie the Italian Greyhound in her Groovy Love collar


Ani the American Staffordshire Terrier in her custom Satori collar

Ani is 12 years young. She came to me when my heart needed healing. And so did hers. After being left at a kill-shelter through no fault of her own, she was rescued by Save-A-Pet on Long Island. My friend asked if I would take her in “temporarily.” Such a big “scary” looking AmStaff has a hard time at a shelter. Before the ride home was complete, I was in love. My soulmate. Five years later, my gentle girl—lover of children, cats, squirrels, and all beings of the world—has changed my life. She is my heart, my joy, my guide. This is the reason I cherish Dogma London custom collars. I am able to choose a fabric that reflects Ani’s gentle nature. When people see her, they see beyond the chopped ears and giant head. These beautiful collars say...I am a peaceable being, I am loved, come pet me. -Ani's mom

Ani the American Staffordshire Terrier in her Love collar  Ani the American Staffordshire Terrier

Katniss Rose Vlad Gnasher

Katniss the GSD in Groovy LoveWe call her Katniss. She is in protection training. And after that she will begin tracking. She flew in to Charleston, SC from Kansas at 10 weeks old. Her parents are search and rescue dogs. She is completely amazing and deserves the best of everything! That's why she wears Dogma London!! -Katniss' mom

Katniss the GSD in Star Spangled


Lucy the Weimaraner in Cherries Jubilee

Meet Lucy - our super high-energy 4-year-old Weimaraner. She is playful, well-behaved, maternal, mischievous, protective, and affectionate. As a family of various artists, our favorite activity to do together is choosing Lucy’s next collar. The collars all have their nicknames too (the Party Suit, Scary Collar, etc.). Lucy enjoys the attention that her extensive collection brings, but may get a little tired of how often we change them out. A complex voting system assures a rainbow of colors and a “suit” for every occasion! -Lucy's mom

Lucy the Weimaraner in Buggin' Out