Dogma London Collar Types

At Dogma London, we make three kinds of collars:

  • Buckle Collars
  • Martingale Collars
  • Tag Collars

No matter the style, all Dogma London collars are made by hand with the same attention to detail and quality. Each collar has a tough polypropylene webbing core sandwiched between a durable and stylish printed cotton fabric and a smooth cuddle-satin lining for comfort. In addition, all hardware is nickel-plated steel or stainless steel.

Buckle Collars

If you have a low-key dog who strolls calmly by your side (is there such a thing?), then a buckle collar may be the way to go. A buckle is also good for holding tags, and adding some style, if your dog wears a metal correction collar for walks. And it's a safe alternative to a correction collar when she’s lounging around the house or yard but you still want her to wear her tags.

Our buckle collars are adjustable and feature a D-ring for a leash and/or tags and a black acetyl side-release buckle.

Sweet Tooth buckle collar


Martingale Collars

If you have a more energetic walker, want a bit more control when training or walking, or struggle with a canine collar escape artist, the martingale collar is your new best friend (well, other best friend)! Originally designed for greyhounds and other sighthounds whose necks are larger than their heads, martingale collars have gained popularity with other breed owners for training and walking.

A martingale collar consists of two interconnected loops. The larger loop slips over your dog’s head to sit snugly around his neck while the smaller loop, called the control loop, attaches to the leash and provides control when walking and training. When your dog pulls, the tightening action of a martingale collar evenly distributes pressure around the neck, providing correction and preventing the dog from backing out of the collar.

Sweet Tooth martingale collar

Tag Collars

Tag collars are a fantastic solution for dog owners who remove their dog's martingale collar while the dog is hanging around the house or yard (which we recommend) but are looking for a safe way to display their dog's ID tags. A tag collar slips on over your dog's head and is designed to hold identification tags only; tag collars are not intended to be attached to a leash.

Dogma London tag collars are 1" wide and feature minimal hardware - they do not have a buckle or a d-ring. Tag collars are narrow enough for most dogs to wear in addition to a buckle or martingale collar while walking. Add your dog's tags to the collar’s metal slide using a dog tag holder, or for an even safer option, try metal slide ID tags (sold elsewhere).There are two types: one that you can clip onto the finished collar yourself, and a more permanent style that must be put on while the tag collar is being made. Please note, if you want the more permanent style tag, you must let us know when you order your collar and send us the tag  so we can sew it into the tag collar. 

Sweet Tooth tag collar

For help selecting collar width and size, see our measuring guide.