Collar Care

Dogma London collars and leashes are completely washable, unless otherwise noted due to fabric content.

Follow these easy steps to keep your pup's Dogma London collar looking spiffy:

  1. Machine wash in cold water with gentle detergent, preferable in a lingerie bag. Collars can also be washed by hand if you're into that kind of thing. We don't judge. Just no harsh detergents or rough scrubbing.
  2. Air dry only; no dryer.
  3. Have a swimmer? No sweat. Just rinse the collar after swimming and allow to air dry.

That’s it!

With proper care your dog’s collars can last for years. Supposedly our shoes do too, but really?

Collar Size Chart

Dogma London collars are adjustable to fit a range of neck sizes. If your dog needs a size not listed below, just ask! For help with measuring your dog for a collar, see our Measuring Guide.

 Dogma London Collar Size Fits Neck Sizes
Extra Small 7" - 11"
Small 10" - 14"
Medium 13" - 17"
Large 16" - 20"
Extra Large 19" - 23"
XXL 22" - 26"