Dogma London Collar Measuring Guide

Greyhound Luna wrapped in a measuring tape

Dogma London collars are available in six standard sizes with four width options, all listed below. We will also make any of our collars in a custom size if your dog's measurements fall between our standard sizes. Just ask!

Measuring for a Martingale Collar

To measure your dog for a martingale collar, use a soft tape measure and measure three points shown below.

Around the widest part of the head:

Luna showing how to measure around the head.

Over the ears:

Luna showing how to measure behind the ears.

Around the neck (where the dog collar will sit):

Luna showing how measure around the neck.

Choose the smallest size dog collar that will still fit all three points. For example, if your dog has a 16" neck, select a medium sized dog collar (adjustable from 13-17") rather than a large, which is adjustable from 16-20 inches. Of course you can always just send us your three measurements and we can tell you what size of martingale dog collar will fit your pup perfectly!    

Measuring for a Buckle or Tag Collar

To measure your dog for a buckle or tag collar, use a soft tape measure or ribbon. Measure around the middle of your dog's neck to determine the circumference, then add 2" to your measurement so that the collar is not too tight and is big enough to adjust.

Dogma London Collar Sizes

Measurements are in inches. If your dog's neck measurements falls between two sizes, we can make a custom size at no charge. Just ask!

  • Extra Small: fits necks 7" – 11"
  • Small: fits necks 10" – 14"
  • Medium: fits necks 13" – 17"
  • Large: fits necks 16" – 20"
  • Extra Large: fits neck 19" – 23"
  • XXL: fits necks 22" – 26"

Dogma London Collar Widths

Our collars are available in four widths: 2 inches, 1.5 inches, 1 inch, and .75 inches. If any of the widths are not available for a particular pattern, it's because the print size of that pattern is too large to show up well on a narrower width. When choosing a width remember that generally, wider collars look best on dogs with long or large necks.

Sweet Tooth collar in 4 widths

Sweet Tooth collar shown in four widths: .75 inches, 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches.